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Rongella is an Irish educational games company started in 2012 with the aim of creating fun and enjoyable educational video games.

Rongella's key title is Algebalance! A game that makes learning algebra fun! (available for iPad and iPhone).



Algebalance is an educational video game that teaches the basics of Algebra using the metaphor of a balance weighing scale. With fun puzzle mechanics, it aims to teach algebra on a conceptual level, so that the player gets an instinctive feel for algebra while enjoying themselves as they play it. It is currently available on the iPhone and iPad through the App Store.

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Algebalance is completely Irish made. Along with Rongella being an Irish company, the game's art was made by Irish animation company Kavaleer Productions while its music and sound effects were composed by Irish games composer Claire Fitch.


Press Pack - Algebalance Launch press release and Screenshots


Irish startup Rongella launches first educational app ‘Algebalance’

- App aims to demystify Algebra for children -


Minister for Education and Skills Ruairi Quinn TD with David Collins, founder and CEO of Irish technology startup Rongella


Dublin, Ireland, 10th October, 2013 – Algebalance, a new educational video game app for iPad, which teaches the basics of algebra before children learn it in school, was launched today by Irish technology startup, Rongella. Available in the App Store for €4.49, Algebalance is aimed at 8-12 year olds.


The game offers children the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Algebra in a fun and engaging manner. When a crazy experiment brings colourful creatures called ‘Vumbles’ into a lab, players help a professor's assistant return them home by rearranging the Vumbles while keeping them balanced in a way that conceptually simulates algebra. With over 80 levels, the player gradually gains a true understanding of how algebra works.  


David Collins, founder and CEO of Rongella said, Our economy is seeking students who have a science, technology and mathematical skill set so it’s important that at an early age, we make learning maths as accessible as possible.  In the last two years, whilst the number of students choosing Higher Level Maths has risen by more than 50%, the failure rate for both Higher and Ordinary Level Maths has also increased.”


“Algebalance is designed to supplement the teaching of algebra and will hopefully save years of frustration faced by students who are trying to learn a subject they often fail to have a fundamental understanding of.  There's a challenge in breaking down maths concepts to a system that's easy to interact with, but with Algebalance, we feel we’ve developed an approach that really gets to the heart of what Algebra is about, presenting its core concepts in an intuitive way. The focus is on making learning fun and the traditional symbols of X’s and Y’s are left until much later in the game.”


Algebalance is the first of a series of games by Rongella aimed at the education market. The app’s creator, David Collins, has a degree in Computer Science from Trinity College, and has post-graduate degrees in Entrepreneurship from UCD and video game technology from TCD. He's worked in various Irish game start ups as well as working for over two years as a software engineer in a software development company. With a long time passion for video games, he hosts BitNote, a weekly video game music radio show on Dublin South FM which is broadcast on Mondays at 15:30 – 16:00.

The bright, vibrant art in Algebalance was created by animation and design company Kavaleer while its music and SFX were created by Irish game music composer Claire Fitch. To learn more about Algebalance or purchase the app, visit or




For further information or to get a download code please contact:

Maria Doyle, FleishmanHillard, or 087 990 7831


About Rongella

Rongella is an Irish Startup company set up in 2012 by David Collins with the aim of developing enjoyable educational games for children. Its first game is Algebalance which teaches the basics of Algebra to 8-12 years old. The company is located in the Guinness Enterprise Centre, Taylor’s Lane, Dublin 8, Ireland.

About David Collins

Collins’ personal background is in software development and he has been involved with many Irish games startup companies. Once he realised he was on to something with Algebalance however, it became his sole focus. David’s main aim behind Algebalance is to help kids understand Algebra, the core of many maths problems, better.



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